Hearing from God

When I was younger and heard people say ‘God spoke to me’, I always imagined it be something like God’s voice coming through a megaphone into your head and ending with something like “Message brought to you by the Lord your God.” It was a pretty, if naïve, picture, but rarely does anyone describe what that voice sounds like. As I grew out of pig tails and into adulthood, I realized that God’s voice isn’t always audible.

When people say they have never heard God speaking, sometimes it could just be because they aren’t listening. God’s voice isn’t going to be trumpeted into your mind from heaven while a light shines on your head. That’s a fable created by movies and television and aggravated by the media.

Sometimes, God’s voice is a feeling. Other times, it could be an image. For me, I often hear God’s voice in song.  K-Love, the Christian station that I listen to, is the conduit that brings His voice to my ear. There have been countless times that a song has truly impacted my state of mind, or even just reminded me that He loves me.

As I was driving to work one day, I expressed to the Lord just how deep my love was for Him in prayer.  I was jubilant in His love – and I told Him exactly that. As I turned on the radio station, a song started playing – God’s Not Dead by the Newsboys. I can’t express to you the wonder and the joy it made me feel. That song had been my righteous battle cry for the last several months (and now, will forever be) and personally, it was a reminder to me that my real home is heaven.

To fathom that the Lord my God had spun everything perfectly into place so that as soon as I turned on the radio after praying those words – “I love you, God” – and put on that song specifically for me was mind blowing. He is an awesome God.

God uses every tool He has at His disposal (which, if you think about it, is everything) to speak to us. There isn’t a set of rules to follow to hear His voice. That’s not the way this works. But I will tell you one thing – you have to be open to hearing from Him. If your heart is set against His advice, against His council, His words will be lost against the brick wall of your heart.

God’s megaphone isn’t always a megaphone. You have to be open to His words before you can finally begin to hear Him. For years, I didn’t see anything as ‘from God’. I could never hear Him. Only when my heart became soft did I eventually here His voice – and let me tell you – it’s like none other.

Once you’ve heard from God, and know it’s His voice, nothing else can compare.

“He replied, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.’”


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